PODCAST - Reconnecting with your Womb Wisdom

depths of motherhood podcasts womb wisdom Apr 17, 2022


This podcast was such a delight to be a guest on - make yourself a brew & enjoy!

In this podcast, together with co-hosts Angelica & Danielle from Depths of Motherhood, we explore:

  • The stages of a woman's life - Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone
  • The magic held in the darkness of the crone, our menstrual cycle & shadows
  • The art of surrendering in motherhood
  • Receiving wisdom from your womb
  • The grief of uncelebrated rites of passage

I help soul-centered women who feel disconnected from their wombs and the feminine cycles, to heal their relationship with their wombs, soften, ignite their Shakti & unlock the full spectrum of their “Wild Soul Woman” so that they can reclaim their power, heal their lineage & step into their destiny as the healers, leaders, creators & Womb Shamans of this Feminine Awakening movement

I offer 1:1 "Womb Awakening" 3-month programmes, and a group Womb Awakening 4-Seasons Apprenticeship

Find out more about how we can work together, I'd love to connect!


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