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Need a better “map” to help navigate your way, and access the gifts of your Sacred Feminine?


Look no further than the “SPIRITUAL COMPASS”

of your WOMB...

Receive my FREE Womb/Hara activation & healing transmission


☽  Activate the 9x Sacred Portals of your Womb

☽ Connect with your womb as a Sacred Temple


☽ Listen to her voice & wisdom

☽ And begin the blossoming of your inner “rose garden”

I help heart-centred women like you to embody your
Wild Feminine
Welcome Beautiful
Wild Heart
The vessel of your Womb-Ship has arrived!

Are you a soul-centred Goddess who is ready to step into your destiny as a leader, birther & teacher of this Sacred Feminine Awakening movement?


...without the overwhelm, disconnect, exhaustion or guilt



  Discover the power & wisdom of your Womb


  Access the depths of your Feminine Landscape


  Ignite your fire, Shakti, creativity & magnetic radiance


  & Reclaim your womanhood Rites of Passage




By activating the keys of your Sacred Feminine

& embodying your Wild Feminine Essence,

you will create more space in your life,

feel a deeper juicier connection

with your womb & align with

 your natural cycles 

& rhythms



You will become ignited with your inner radiance,

your creativity, passions & purpose,

& step into the next level of your 


Power, Wisdom & Sovereignty

Tell me what is it your plan to do with your one wild and precious life

Mary Oliver

☽ Are you ready to take back your power and heal your "Red Threads"?

☽ Are you dedicated to birthing your wisdom & creativity into the world?

☽ Are you ready to experience a deeper embodiment of your Feminine Power & feel more juicy wild PLEASURE?

☽ ...More FREEDOM, CONNECTION & earth-rooted ABUNDANCE?

☽ Are you ready to truly


If you’re ready, I’m here for you Goddess!


My passion and joy is to guide women like you to journey home to yourself - so that you feel embodied, self-expressed, and empowered in your Sacred Feminine Essence.


I help you reclaim your lost feminine soul and engage with life as a source of wild initiation, deep healing, and limitless transformation.


Through the initiatory path of WOMB AWAKENING & SACRED FEMININE EMBODIMENT, I guide you to purify the patterns that keep you stuck, dissolve the trauma of your personal, family & ancestral wounds, and expand into the fullest expression of your Wild Feminine Essence.


Deva Pathways

School of Women's Sacred Medicine Ways

Embodying Your Wild Feminine Essence

Deva - (pronounced DAY-Va) is a Sanskrit word meaning “divine” or “body of light”; devas are the spiritual intelligences, forces or beings behind nature - “nature spirits”; Earth Magick

Pathways - a soul-guided journey of sacred healing, initiation & deep transformation

Root -

yourself in Mother Earth consciousness

ReWild -

your juicy, cyclical Feminine Flow

Radiate -

your creativity, power & heart’s desire