Wisdom of the Womb - PODCAST with John Stuart

Nov 15, 2023

(((reverberations))) Podcast with John Stuart

Deborah Stanley is a Quantum Feminine Embodiment Guide, Womb Medicine Woman and Spirit Keeper of the Sacred Feminine who helps heart-centred women embody their Wild Feminine Essence

In this episode, Deborah shares her personal journey of finding wholeness within herself and her quest to bring the light of the divine feminine into her heart and womb

Deborah discusses the power of menstruation, how women can reclaim their menstrual cycle as a gift and utilise it to activate their inner wisdom and sacred feminine power

You can listen to the podcast here:



I help soul-centered women who feel disconnected from their wombs and the feminine cycles, to heal their relationship with their wombs, soften, ignite their Shakti & unlock the full spectrum of their “Wild Soul Woman” so that they can reclaim their power, heal their lineage & step into their destiny as the healers, leaders, creators & Womb Shamans of this Feminine Awakening movement

I offer 1:1 "Womb Awakening" 3-month programmes, and a group Womb Awakening 4-Seasons Apprenticeship

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