Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t experience menstrual cycles?

Welcome to the “coven” - nor do I! Some women don’t experience menstrual cycles due to health conditions, as a result of having a part or full hysterectomy or because they have been through menopause.

We all carry the wisdom and “seasons” of the menstrual cycle within us. Whether you experience menstrual cycles or not, by “cycling” with the moon you will learn to harness the gifts of your inner seasons and embody the power of the 4 archetypes of womanhood - Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone


What if I don’t have a womb?

Even if you do not have a physical womb or you have experienced alteration to your womb, part or full hysterectomy, you still have an “energetic womb” and “Hara”. Your sacred womb space encompasses your sacral chakra, it is your creative “cauldron”. The benefits of Quantum Womb Healing and my coaching and course materials are still available for you to enjoy - with or without a full physical womb.


Is this work inclusive of non-binary &  LGBTIQ+ community?

We welcome members of the LGBTIQ+ community. You can still experience the huge benefits of working with the energetics of your womb or "hara" . We honour the many expressions & genders that lie within the scope of "feminine self-care", & warmly welcome working with members of the LGBTIQ+ community. When we refer to "Womb" we are implicitly referring to the sacred space of the womb, sacral chakra & Hara, the energetic creative space that is within all of us. 


How will the seasons apply to me if I live in the Tropics or the Southern Hemisphere?

Embodying the medicine of the Archetypes as we journey through the seasons of nature can be a rich & deeply transformative experience. Having lived off-grid in yurts for 10 years in UK forest, Deborah feels a deep connection with the seasons. Deborah will always share about what she is experiencing & the land where she lives in the Northern Hemisphere. However, Deborah invites you to tune in to the season of the land where you live & deepen your own communion with the land. 


What if I can’t make the Live sessions?

All of the course material (including the live session recordings) will be stored on the Deva Pathways website & can be accessed online via the Deva Pathways members portal.