What are Womb Clearings?


 Quantum Womb Healingis a high frequency energy transmission and ceremonial meditation involving a guided shamanic journey to clear the unwanted energies in your womb-space & return her to wholeness


Through these powerful and deeply transformative meditations, your self-healing ability comes on line, and the energetic templates of your womb are restored to their pristine creativity, fertility and radiance




Your womb is a sacred vessel of primordial wisdom, creativity and power


She holds within her the cosmic codes of all creation


Often these 'codes' are blocked from expressing their highest and fullest potential due to the imprints of personal or intergenerational trauma, and/or negative conditioning and patterns


When you clear these patterns out of your womb-space, you allow your Womb's own Source-codes to radiate


This might look like...


♡ Feeling a deeper connection with your womb


♡ Experiencing more joy, freedom and flow in your life


♡ Allowing deeper levels of intimacy and connection with yourself and/or your beloved


♡ Feeling more fertile, juicy and creative


♡ Opening to more pleasure, fun, adventure and mischief!


♡ Tapping deeper levels of wisdom and intuition


♡ Being open to receive more support and abundance in your life


♡ Unlocking your feminine voice


♡ And stepping into your Wild Feminine Power...to birth your creative gifts into the world


Each Womb Clearing is unique, powerful and deeply transformative


 Choosing your Womb Clearing -

You may know instantly which of these Womb Clearings you need to work with first. If you are unsure, simply place your hands over your womb-space and start to breath into your lower abdomen, when you feel ready, ask your womb which Womb Clearing she would like to work with?

...Let the answer flow through as a feeling, words, images...allow your womb to guide you!



What sisters are saying...


"I am beyond grateful for your presence in my life and to receive your codes, activations, wisdom and the sheer magnitude of Goddess essence and frequency that you share" 




“…life-changing healing magic"




"So so powerful...in deep awe"


"Beautiful, potent, so much depth"




"Grounding and galactic at the same time!"


"Truly magickal...the energy was just incredible"


“A powerful reconnection to my womb"


"You hold sacred space with deep presence, wisdom and authenticity"


 “I feel this work with Debs has unlocked the door…"


"Rich, gentle and deep - such beautiful sacred medicine"


"Debs holds the keys to a potent portal of MAGIC"


 "I'm awakening the power, the gifts and the whispers of my womb"


"Restoring the divine template of WOMBan once and for ALL"

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