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 In this episode of (((reberverations))) by John Stuart, visionary sound alchemist, author and spiritual intimacy coach, Deborah shares her personal journey of finding wholeness within herself and her quest to bring the light of the feminine into her heart and womb

Deborah discusses the power of menstruation, how women can reclaim their menstrual cycle as a gift and utilise it to activate their inner wisdom and sacred feminine power




"This was next level"


"The resonance was so deep, so pure - it brought me to tears""



"To have this conversation about menarche and womb…"


"As I listened I felt such a deep resonance in my body - that this is the work we are here to do, and these are my people. Thank you for bringing this conversation out into the world"


"The FREQUENCY - this was Pure Magic"




The pathway of Womb Awakening and the embodiment of your Wild Feminine Essence is a spiral journey of homecoming, and it takes time and deep unraveling...


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Much love, Debs x


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