FREE Womb Activations

Join our free Womb-Codes Activation events to receive a powerful purification for your womb.

These themed live events are held prior to the Celtic Wheel festivals, and are designed to activate your Womb-Codes and empower you to reclaim the gifts of your inner-Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone

"The energy was just incredible"  

 “…life-changing healing magic"

 "So so deep awe"


"Grounding and galactic at the same time!"

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Womb Activations

These are free public events that happen leading up to the Celtic Festival. During the Womb Activation we explore the theme, and then I guide you into your womb-space so that you can access her 'voice' and receive her insights and wisdom around the gifts and shadows that arise for you in light of this theme

Please note - the Womb Activations can be enjoyed on their own, or used to prepare you energetically for the Celtic Festival Ceremonies where we do a deeper dive into this theme


What you receive:

This live event includes a powerful activation for your womb focused around the key theme that we are exploring and a guided shamanic journey into your womb-space so that you can access her wisdom and insights

When you enrol, you can attend live or receive the recording




You can view these Womb Activations as a powerful 'Micro-dose' 


Spiralling through the Celtic Wheel


As we spiral through the year to heal your womb-space, unlock your Feminine Power and reclaim your womanhood rites of passage, we journey with the Feminine Cycles using the menstrual cycle, the lunar phase, the Earth's seasons, and the journey through the key stages of womanhood


As you can see from the diagram below, we have mapped the journey of womanhood onto the Celtic Wheel of the Year. In this way we use the energies of the Earth's seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to journey with the key feminine archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone


More specifically, as we spiral through the year, we use the 'portal' of each Celtic Festival to explore the key themes / rites of passage for each archetype


There are 8x Celtic Festivals - 4x Earth Festivals and 4x Solar Festivals

How we work together


Through accessing the powerful healing and purification available through my work, your own self-healing ability comes on-line as you begin clearing the core wounds that underpin these themes - be these your own personal wounds / stuck energy, ancestral, intergenerational trauma, and even collective trauma


The first step is to join the next Womb Activation event. These events take place in the run up to the Celtic Festival, and prepare you energetically so that you can better receive the healing shifts of the Celtic Festival portal, and then, through your embodiment, this healing template can anchor more deeply into the Earth grids 


The pathway of Womb Awakening and the embodiment of your Divine Feminine Essence is a spiral journey of homecoming, and it takes time and deep unraveling...


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As we spiral through the Celtic Wheel you'll be the first to hear about our FREE Womb Activations  where you will receive a powerful purification and attunement for your womb, in order to bring her gifts more fully online. These Womb Activations are designed to help you reclaim the gifts of your inner-Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone, and restore your womb-space as a pristine radiant Temple of Light and flowing vessel of Sacred Feminine Awakening 


Taking your Womb Activation even deeper -

Around the time of the Celtic Festival, I hold space for a Council of Womb Shamans to gather in a powerful ceremony (a Womb Ho'oponopono for the Earth festivals, and a Fire Ceremony for the Solar festivals)

Here we use the potent energies available during the 'portal' of the Celtic Festival to anchor in the healing frequencies and light codes that are currently available

This is a powerful ceremony of clearing where you get to purify and heal your unique thread, your Herstory and your lineage, within the tapestry of the collective wound


If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, you can apply to work with me through my 1:1 Quantum Womb Healing programmes 


Or you can apply to join our Womb Awakening 4-Seasons Apprenticeship . This is a year-long 'apprenticeship with your Womb' and a deep dive into the feminine mysteries, where you will harness the medicine of the feminine cycles and the gifts of the 4 key feminine archetypes Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone as we spiral through the seasons, using the Celtic Festivals as 'portals' to reclaim your womanhood rites of passage and embody the full spectrum of your Wild Feminine Essence


If you feel your womb whispering to you...I would love to hop on a Shakti Call with you and connect over a 'virtual chai' 


I look forward to co-creating even more magic with you dear Goddess!


Much love, Debs x



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